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About us

Our Team is Here to Help!

Shelley’s presence is nurturing, warm and down to earth and she works with a team of therapists who possess these qualities as well. The team believes that we can re-connect with parts of ourselves that we have have previously dis-connected from due to trauma and pain. By engaging in this work one can gain the clarity and confidence needed to heal, feel happier and more whole.

Shelley is a Psychotherapist in York Region who sees clients in person and online and the team are located across Ontario seeing clients online at this time.

Why Us

Our Team Provides a Supportive Environment

We believe that building a strong alliance between ourselves and our clients is the most important aspect of our clients' healing. We feel that helping our client’s make use of their own wisdom and resources can enhance their treatment process. At Whitehouse Psychotherapy we use a variety of therapeutic approaches to illuminate our client’s underlying issues and blocks.

Our team is constantly updating and expanding the most effective therapies offered to further assist our client’s healing journey.

Areas of Focus

Individual Therapy

$150 Per Session

Shelley provides a spiritual psychotherapeutic approach which takes into account the whole person.

Their mind, body and their spirit. The integration in all three of these parts of us, assists us becoming more grounded and resilient when dealing with events that trigger our anxiety or fear.

Adolescent Therapy

$150 Per Session

Teenagers require therapy for all sorts of reasons but sometimes a teen’s distress may increase to a level where it becomes important to seek out professional help. Teenagers often have difficulty opening up to their parents.

They sometimes worry about how their feeling or opinions will sit with their parents.

Trauma Therapy

$150 Per Session

Therapy which is trauma focused has an approach that recognizes and explains the ways in which a traumatic experience might impact our mental health.

Trauma therapy is based on the understanding of how the connection between a traumatic incident can affect the survivor’s emotional and behavioural responses.

Body Psychotherapy

$150 Per Session

Body Psychotherapy is a modality which allows us to evaluate our experiences from the view of our mind and our body, in order to stay within the present moment and to be able to more fully “feel” into your body itself.

Shelley guides her clients to notice alienated aspects of themselves, acknowledge those aspects, and to become more conscious of the messages their bodies are giving.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

$185 Per Session

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a form of therapy that focuses on adult relationships and attachment bonding.

The therapist and clients look at patterns in the relationship and take steps to create a more secure bond and develop more trust to move the relationship in a healthier, more positive direction.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Starting at $150 Per Session

A therapeutic journey that delves into the subconscious, revealing memories and experiences believed to be from past lifetimes.

This exploration aims to uncover patterns, heal anxiety, old traumas, and provide insights into current life challenges, fostering personal growth and deeper self-awareness.

Spiritual-Energetic Therapies

Starting at $150 Per Session

This phrase really struck Shelley as a very significant reminder of how often we keep ourselves very busy and distracted in order to not be present with our inner pain.

Shelley feels that in order to be truly balanced in our healing work it is helpful to attend to and balance our energetic body as well as our mental and emotional bodies.

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Have you become aware of feeling constantly not good enough? Does that Inner Critic in your brain provide a constant inner dialogue of the ways in which you are failing? Do you notice that you are feeling rejected and a sense of abandonment?Are you used to putting yourself last in favour of meeting everyone else’s needs?Are you experiencing anxiety and feel as if you are in a constant state of high alert?

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