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About Shelley

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Shelley’s approach to therapy is one of a trauma informed perspective and is always client centered. Spiritual Psychotherapy addresses the whole person, mind, body and spirit and Shelley has witnessed significant healing with this multi-faceted approach. Her goal is to work with her clients in an empathetic, gentle way where She aims to hold a supportive and patient space.

A Little Bit About me

Shelley has been a Psychotherapist since 2018. She has spent a great deal of her life being the “go to person” that her friends and family would share their feelings with and ask advice of and finally she decided to make a career of it!
Shelley is overjoyed with her choice to work in the Mental Health field and is constantly learning more about new ways in which she can guide her clients effectively in their work. Shelley lives in Richmond Hill with her husband, children and Mother. Therapy is about helping YOU attain well-being. If you are ready to explore this, Shelley would love to speak with you and see how she can help.

Belief in the Importance of the Therapeutic Alliance

Honesty, trust, collaboration and openness are all very important for this work. Shelley truly hopes for her clients to feel held and supported through the personal work they embark upon. She aims for them to feel fully heard and accepted through their journey of therapy.Though the bulk of therapy is of course done in the therapy session, Shelley is comfortable with connecting briefly with clients in between sessions when extra support is needed.

Why Psychotherapy?

Shelley chose to become a Psychotherapist in Richmond Hill because she really wanted to attune to each person’s needs to assist them in deep healing and creating connection to their best self. Shelley has worked with mental health professionals personally and truly understands the impact that exploring our own inner environment and healing our unmet needs can have. Therapy can truly connect us to our authentic selves and to learn how to embrace self-love.
Shelley’s greatest joy in working with her client’s is the honour of witnessing the beautiful transformation that her client’s experienced and how much joy they are able to connect with.