Children and adolescents undergo a natural evolution in their behavior and emotional states as they mature. Some of the behaviours that can trigger parental concern are actually important and anticipated components of their developmental journey. Sometimes though, there are instances when they exhibit behaviours and make choices that raise genuine worry and apprehension.

If you find yourself in a situation where your child or teenager might require support in managing trauma, grief, pain, or complex emotions, it is wise to consider engaging with a therapist experienced in working closely with these age groups. Our aim is to create an environment where young individuals can openly express themselves without shame or isolation.

Our primary objective is to foster a sense of acceptance and comprehension among our young clients. We guide and empower them to recognize sound decision-making and employ effective coping strategies. As a cohesive team with a strong focus in Child and Adolescent Therapy within the York Region, we possess a distinctive ability to swiftly and deeply connect with young clients who may struggle with a more formal or analytical approach.

Our focal point when working with children and teenagers revolves around aiding them in transforming feelings of inadequacy and shame, as well as alleviating their anxiety. Many teenagers encounter challenges in confiding openly in their parents, but often feel more at ease sharing with a therapist due to our role as neutral mediators.

There are several life events that can impede a child or teenager’s ability to manage challenges in a healthy manner, including:

Feelings of inadequacy

Experience of bullying

Unusual levels of responsibility for their age

Parental divorce or separation

Arrival of a new sibling

Loss of a loved one

Struggles with teachers or peers at school

Sensations of abandonment or excessive parental control, leading to a lack of autonomy

Whitehouse Psychotherapy offers Parent Sessions! Book an appointment with one of our wonderful therapists.

In our engagements with young clients, we emphasize the importance of “Parent sessions” every 3-4 meetings. This approach enables us to equip parents with tools and skills that align with the progress made in therapy, fostering a consistent and supportive environment both at home and during therapy sessions. Each client’s consent is thoroughly discussed before incorporating this option.

With a wealth of experience in working with children and adolescents, our team is dedicated to providing specialized and empathetic therapy. Over the years, we have developed a nuanced understanding of the unique developmental challenges these young individuals face. Our approach is rooted in creating a space where they can openly share their thoughts and emotions, free from judgment. Drawing from our extensive and diverse background as a team, we are able to guide them through complex feelings, helping them build resilience and healthy coping mechanisms. 

Our team believes that whenever feasible, nurturing a healthy and transparent line of communication between young clients and their parents is invaluable. We actively facilitate and promote this dynamic whenever the circumstances allow for it.