I recently read a quote that said, “You’re busy doubting yourself, while so many people are intimidated by your potential”. I am not sure who penned this quote but I love it! Many people seek anxiety therapy in Toronto and often the anxiety they feel is based on the things that their Inner Critic tells them!

It is so interesting to me how our Inner Critic can convince us that we are not good enough. We can easily miss recognizing how we are actually bringing blessings and happiness to others, just by being us. Meanwhile, other people see our greatness so clearly.  They are looking up to our “Being-ness” wishing they could love themselves the way they assume you love yourself.

Our Inner Critic is that voice that always seems to be talking at us, in our head. Common comments may be, “You’re so ugly”, “You’re so fat”, “No one wants you”, “You always fail at this, just stop trying” Does any of that sound familiar?

Exactly where did this Inner Critic come from?! Why is it here?!

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It was developed when you were a child. Perhaps you had a parent or close person of influence in your life. Perhaps they often shamed you, spoke to you in ways that were mean and hurtful on a regular basis. It could have come from having a parent who said these types of comments out-loud, to themselves. But, you heard them, didn’t you?  You may have internalized a parent whom had a negative self-deprecating attitude towards themselves.

The Inner Critic can really interfere in the relationship with have with ourselves. It can also interfere in the relationships we have with others as well!  You know, those times when a significant other does not return a text quickly, or answer your call? They don’t respond in a way you would like to be responded to…

What does your Inner critic say?  “You’re not worth their time”, “Obviously You are not important to them”, “He is cheating on you, you aren’t good enough”, “She doesn’t like you, she just puts up with you sometimes”. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

These kind of intrusive thoughts are destructive for us and our relationships.

I provide anxiety therapy in Toronto and I  help my clients learn to change the relationship they have with their Inner Critic. To learn to love and connect with themselves in a way that helps benefit all of their relationships.

If this internal work is something that you feel would be beneficial and you are seeking anxiety therapy in Toronto, please reach out and book a complimentary telephone session to see if what I offer would be a good fit.

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