Why would I need Body Psychotherapy and How can I Seek Treatment for Body Psychotherapy in the York Region?

Body Psychotherapy assists us in noticing thoughts and sensations and actively listening to what our body wants to tell us. It is a “go to” modality Shelley will use when clients are stuck in their ‘thinking brain’.

Often times when we experience trauma or pain we tend to become Intellectualizers or Over Thinkers.

If we can stay stuck in our brain and avoid feeling anything than we do not have to experience emotional pain. We will rationalize everything and always be on a search to understand “Why?” something has happened. We feel that if we just understood the reason behind an event than we can recover, have acceptance and experience relief.

This is not helpful and the more we disconnect from our body and felt sense, the stronger our Intellectualizer takes over and this can prevent us from not only our own healing but also from having meaningful connection with others.

Body Psychotherapy reunites us with the connection to our body! Shelley offers Body Psychotherapy in the York Region and would be more than happy to go through on this journey of healing with you!

5 Signs you may need Body Psychotherapy

1. You feel a sense of disconnection from the ‘felt sense’ of your body.

2. You notice that you tend to constantly be ‘in your head’ and tend to over-think and over- intellectualize rather than taking time to notice how you feel.

3. You notice that in times of anxiety you feel floaty, light-headed, un-grounded and dizzy.

4. You notice that you have difficulty with using your imagination or ‘seeing another person’s perspective or description of an idea.

5. You notice that you have difficulty with touch and would rather have less physical contact than what you perceive others to enjoy.

What to consider when choosing Body Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy is provided either seated or in a lying position, usually on a massage table fully clothed. Shelley guides her clients to connect with their felt sense and be curious and aware of what comes up during this work. Often clients experience significant shifts and increased awareness of their own experience and emotions. They frequently feel more connected to themselves and Shelley finds this modality to be incredibly healing.

There are no pre-requisites for receiving this type of therapy.

If you have not had any or much experience with a therapist touching you in a therapeutic way in the past that is okay. Shelley invites you to discuss anything that feels important for you around this modality. The more you understand this important therapy the better!

When looking for a Body Psychotherapist the 5 R’s are important in your relationship with this therapist.

Respect, rapport, responsiveness, readiness and reputation. You can often get a good idea about these things during an initial phone consultation with your therapist.

Keeping the 5 R’s in mind when seeking a Body Psychotherapist can help you make a comfortable decision and can form a well rounded picture for making an informed choice.