What exactly is hypnosis anyway?

Hypnosis refers to a state or condition in which a person becomes highly responsive to suggestions. It is a treatment option that may help heal and treat different conditions.

During hypnosis, we guide our clients into a deep state of relaxation (sometimes described as a trance-like state).

We will make suggestions which are collaboratively designed to help you become more open to change or improvement in your life, namely in your subconscious mind.

Trance-like experiences aren’t all that uncommon. If you’ve ever zoned out while watching a movie or daydreaming, you’ve been in a similar trance-like state.

True hypnosis or hypnotherapy doesn’t involve swaying pocket watches, and it isn’t practiced on stage as part of an entertainment act. Studies have found that hypnosis is 93% effective within 6 sessions. We have found 4 sessions to be incredibly effective in general.

Based on our experience guiding our clients through hypnosis, she has found it to be very helpful in healing a variety of issues and really almost any mental or emotional issue can be addressed with hypnosis.

Some difficulties which Hypnosis is incredibly effective in healing are:

1. Fears and phobia
2. Anxiety and depression
3. Weight loss and emotional eatinglife.
4. Smoking cessation
5. Procrastination and Perfectionism
6. Success in pass test and exams
7. Parenting discord

Common misconceptions surrounding hypnosis:

Loss of Consciousness:

This is probably the most common misconception surrounding hypnosis. Many believe that people who are hypnotized are unconscious. This misunderstanding can be attributed directly to stage hypnosis, and the way hypnosis has been portrayed in films and on TV. 

In reality, the client under hypnosis will be even more focused and aware than they normally are.

Surrender of Will:

Because of how hypnosis has been portrayed, many people believe that hypnosis is somehow a surrender of will and that the client will submit to the “power” of the Hypnotist.

As hypnosis is a subjective experience, nothing could be further from the truth. 

The client is always capable of making any decision they like at all times during hypnosis and this is also explained to each client before providing consent.

Weak Mindedness:

Some believe that only fools can be hypnotized. The truth is, because hypnosis requires concentration, the best clients are actually the more intelligent of the population.

Revelation of Secrets:

Some also believe that while under hypnosis you can be forced to reveal secrets about themselves and others. However, as a client is aware of everything while being hypnotized, this surely could not happen. People can talk if necessary and can even fib during hypnosis just as easily.