Why would I need Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy may benefit those who are struggling with their mental health, with emotional difficulties and life challenges.

5 signs you may need Therapy:

Difficulty in maintaining relationships
Feeling of anxiety or depression
Feelings of shame or worthlessness
Managing loss and grief
Difficulty with setting boundaries and handling rejection

What to Consider:

Honesty is important in the therapy hour as it assists me in fully understanding your unique experience.

Therapy is an investment for the present and the future and provides special tools to assist you throughout your lifelong journey.

If there are ever any concerns, please share them with me. The therapeutic relationship is the most important aspect of your healing.

Nothing is off the table. Please feel free to discuss anything that is important for you to share.

Don’t worry about me, I have support systems in place if I need help with anything that I may need to work through. I seek Supervision from peers or others with more experience than I do in a given area if required.

More About Individual Therapy

We provide a spiritual psychotherapeutic approach to Individual Therapy in York Region, and the GTA which takes into account the whole person. Their mind, body and their spirit.

The integration in all three of these parts of us, assists us in becoming more grounded and resilient when dealing with events that trigger our anxiety or fear.

We believe that therapy requires addressing our wounds from many different angles. Not only brain-based modalities but also body focused approaches as well where indicated.

This approach is about meeting people where they are at in each moment. Some modalities included with this therapy are guided imagery, inner child work, hypnotherapy, EMDR based approaches, Internal Family systems, emotional release, CBT as well as psychodynamic work.

People who believe in a guiding higher power may find a spiritual approach to therapy helps them achieve a deeper connection with this power.

This type of therapy may also involve meditation, music (sound therapy), and other non-traditional therapeutic practices, all of which may be employed in an effort to connect the body and mind with the soul and explore the deepest part of one’s self.

We believe that at times when one is operating from only their thinking brain, a variety of these different modalities can help ground the client in their body and assist in their ability to connect with and feel their deepest emotions

While spirituality is often categorized with religion, one’s spirituality may have nothing to do with religion but be simply an awareness of the universe and one’s connection to it. Often, individuals who describe themselves as spiritual, state their desire to attain a feeling of harmony with the universe and pursue spiritual therapy in an effort to achieve this goal.

A spiritual approach to therapy is only one method of uncovering and addressing areas of conflict and possible mental health concerns that may arise in life, and many people find it to be a beneficial model.