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Past Life and Interlife Regression

Psychotherapy in our view, is a ‘Healing of the Soul’.

What is it?

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy which takes a person back through a timeline to their previous lives or incarnations. During past life or interlife regression we can access memories and experiences that our subconscious mind usually can not remember.

Since our normal day to day lives are so busy and noisy it can be difficult to be in a deeply quiet and peaceful state of mind where it is much easier to locate these very old memories held in your subconscious mind.

5 ways in which Past Life Regression may help you:

1. It may help you reconnect with past life experiences.

2. It may help you understand why you feel a deep connection with places or people in this lifetime.

3. It can assist you in identifying physical issues you have, which can be possible remnants of a past life.

4. It can help us acknowledge and really “be with” the key lessons we have learned throughout those lives.

5. Parenting discord

Shelley feels that the most incredible issue it can help with is the exploration of emotions that you have carried with you into this lifetime which created fear or beliefs that so far you have been unable to explain or heal up until now.

Frequent questions about past or interlife regression:

Will I remember my session?:

Absolutely you will. Shelley also suggests you record the session on your phone for ease of review. You will be in a deeply relaxed state and also fully aware throughout the session.

You will be able to answer the questions Shelley asks you easily.

What will happen during my session?:

Shelley generally is able to take you through 2 or 3 past lives each session. The sessions are 2 hours in length. Whether we end up visiting many lives or become more focused on one particular life will be up to the client and where they are guided. 

Oftentimes, clients will discover lives that they have shared with people they are here now in the present time with. Each life explored is a journey or an adventure. People are often happily surprised to learn about important life lessons or healing opportunities for them to explore further in this life.

Is it a guarantee that I will go back in time?:

Shelley can not guarantee this will happen but it is very rare that someone is not able to travel back to a past life.

Occasionally a client will try to critique everything that they are seeing or find it hard to believe they are actually seeing what they are seeing. This can create a block which doesn’t allow their mind to accept their experience. 

All that is really required is a healthy curiosity and a decision to go with what comes up.

Shelley has found Past life regression to be very beneficial in identifying difficulties which we have been carrying from life to life that have yet to be healed. Regression is a quick way to identify what those issues are and these can be addressed through traditional therapy or hypnosis.

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