As children, we are innocent. We have connection with our true self. One that is pure and free and the essence of our soul is so beautiful. We are free from addictions, coping mechanisms and painful heart break. Additionally, we trust our inner voice and listen to it, act on it. Children are truly Angelic beings. After reading this first passage you may already by thinking, “Where can I find a psychotherapist near me?”. You wouldn’t be alone.

Psychotherapy can help us become reconnected to that pure inner self that was present before we experienced trauma and abuse. It can help us process and re-parent the “inner child” that became wounded so long ago.

Shahida Arabi recently stated that “A child that is being abused by it’s parents does not stop loving it’s parents, it stops loving itself.”  Wow! This really shocked me until I thought more deeply about this quote and then it made so much sense to me.

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How Does this Affect our Children?

A child’s brain can not comprehend or process that his/her parent could be imperfect. In order to survive, stay alive, the child needs to see his parents as perfect (as “okay”).

If the child believes his parent is not “okay” then the child will believe he is at risk of dying. He needs his parents to protect him and keep him alive. Therefore, the child will make himself the wrong or defective one in order to continue to see his protector as perfect.

This is one very significant reason why we can grow up feeling innately flawed and unable to fully love or connect with ourselves.

I feel this is a very important concept that really needs to be heard and understood.

Many of us are like little wounded 3 year old’s running around inside of adult bodies. We have to do the inner healing work that will help our “Adult” self,  re-parent and reconnect with our “wounded child” self. Learn for the first time how to really love ourselves!

You might be considering, “I think I would like to find Psychotherapist near me” after learning this important information.

It would be my pleasure to help you make this new beautiful connection with yourself.