Mindfulness Therapy has become a massive movement.  As a matter of fact, all over the world people are realizing the massive events of being mindful. So it is safe to say that if you are looking psychotherapy in Toronto that offers Mindfulness Therapy, you should be in luck.

Mindfulness really can be conveyed and experienced in many different shapes and forms.

The most significant way I feel is simply through our breath. Our breath is our life. Without breathe we cease to “be” don’t we? Often times we run around day after day with so many tasks to do and people to talk to. We squeeze in as much work as we can each day. But, how many minutes per day do we actually take to BREATHE? I know, I know, we breathe all day without even thinking about it don’t we?

I am referring to how many minutes do we actually “Consciously” breathe? Where we focus on feeling our breath go in and out of our body. Where we actually notice how we really haven’t taken a full breath in an hour?.  Take a few minutes today and be present to how shallow you are breathing and how many times you only breathe 3 times or less in a minute because you are so stressed and tight in your chest that you are essentially holding your breath in.

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How to Become more Relaxed

We can literally live a calmer and much more relaxed existence simply by learning to be Mindful of our very own breathe.

In this mindfulness, we are able to really grasp how much power we have over our reactions and decisions. Perhaps we won’t reach for the alcoholic beverage, cigarette, donut or ex lover who we know is just bad for us, if we can regulate our breathing in the moment rather than reaching for a coping mechanism.

Being grounded in our breath and in our bodies is a beautiful gift that we can very easily, with guidance perhaps from psychotherapy in Toronto, give to ourselves.

Self- care is a very real need and Psychotherapy with Shelley can help you learn to be more mindful in your day to day.