Trauma Therapy in Toronto has become a very sought after service and may be an excellent option for healing trauma.

Trauma comes in many different forms and affects us all differently. Based often upon how much resilience we have built inside, the same event can cease to cause a blip in one person but can cause PTSD in another.

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How Trauma Affects People

Trauma affects everyone’s brain differently. Depending how each person perceives danger or stress will determine the level of trauma experienced.

A little known fact that I think is fascinating is that anxiety can not exist in a “relaxed muscle body”.  What does this mean? This means that if a person can learn to regulate their breathing and relax all of the muscles in their body for at least a period of 4 minutes, anxiety physiologically Can Not exist.

Isn’t that amazing?! I love it!

Learning to do this isn’t a cure for Trauma and anxiety but it sure is a wonderful start!

When we experience trauma, the neuro-pathways in our brains are greatly affected. Part of the goal of trauma therapy is to help one re-wire these neuro- pathways. We also attempt to help those affected regulate their bodily reactions in the face of triggers that cause further anxiety.  When we can recognize the feeling of a trigger in our body, then we can take an action that will help us regulate in the moment. The most important thing to do is simply breathe. Slowing our breathe and grounding ourselves is very beneficial in calming anxiety that affects our brain and in the moment experience.

If you think that Trauma therapy in Toronto or the GTA would be a good start to your healing journey, please feel free to contact Psychotherapy with Shelley.

I will do my absolute best to assist you in becoming free of anxiety and helping you feel calm, less triggered and at ease.