Are you familiar with that punch of adrenaline that hits you in times of sudden stress or fear? Do you want to know how to stop experiencing that feeling?

Look for the calm within yourself

Have you ever noticed that when you become stressed, are struggling at work, are suspicious of a lovers behaviour or intentions, experience a sudden emotional trauma or just can not seem to be able to handle any given stress inducing situation, you tend to feel tight in the chest, your breathing is shallow, you are physically shaking and light headed?

Often times when we are feeling these things, we are outside of our connection with ourselves. We are not taking the time or focus or ground ourselves. To breathe. To be mindfull of what we are really experiencing in our bodies in that moment. Instead we feel panicked. We try everything we can to distract ourselves from actually feeling our feelings don’t we?

We go out and drink, party with our friends to numb out from our strong overwhelming emotions, we go to the gym and kill a workout (only we go obsessively), we have a cigarette, we go shopping, we go for a run, we call up a friend and vent…for hours… then call the next friend and do the same thing, tell the same story….

It’s not to say that some of these things aren’t healthy options but the issue here is, when you do them in order to not feel into your body and really “be with” your emotional experience, they can become addictions, or constant distractions that keep you from processing your inner experience and finding the calm within yourself, eventually.

Our biggest healing can only happen when we acknowledge the emotions and sensations within our body. Sit with them without inner judgement and allow them be present. Honour the fact that these emotions are a part of us, a part of our unique experience in our human body.

When we can sit with our emotions, listen to them, feel the sensations that come up within our body, then those uncomfortable feelings usually fade away calmly and silently.

They know they have been seen and heard and that is all they need.

So instead of us practicing “numbing out”, or distractive behaviours in order to not be forced to tolerate the feelings happening in our bodies, we can instead choose to be with those emotions and give them an opportunity to pass like a lamb, rather than a lion.

When we truly learn to look for the calm within ourselves through being mind-full about our inner experience, our stress responses become much less agitating and we are able to more clearly see our way through a situation because rather than reacting in a state of high alert, we can remember to breathe and focus into our true inner environment. From within, we can calm ourselves and feel much more grounded to our true self and more aware of our feelings and emotions.

And this helps us find our inner calm.