Why would I want an energy balancing or healing?

Energy healing is a practice that is holistic in nature which works on the body’s subtle energy systems. The goal of this work is to remove blocks in our energetic body. When we break through these blocks the body is inherently stimulated to be able to heal itself.

Within our bodies we have 7 chakras and these are the energy transmission centers of our body. The energy super highways of the body which are called ‘Meridians’ can become blocked and modalities such as Reiki and Chakra work can help clear these blocks.

Ancient cultures recognize that using different modalities can help stimulate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. These cultures all recognize the power of internal energy and how working with releasing blockages can assist us in healing.

Reiki for example is the Japanese tradition of energy healing which dates back to the early 20th century.

Energy healing is complementary to any medicines you are taking. It does not replace these.

It is not necessary for you to completely understand the concept of energy healing before you partake in the practice.

Any time is a great time to experience an energy healing session! Going in with an open mind will bring your maximum benefit as your energy will be vibrating at a higher level.

An energy session is fantastic for helping you feel relaxed and more balanced especially if you are stressed, anxious or feeling physically drained. 

We provide a variety of energy-based therapies that are engaged in outside of Psychotherapy. 

Some of these therapies include:

5 Signs you may benefit from Energy Healing

1.You have been working on issues in therapy but you feel like there is something deeper that you are not getting to or accessing.

2.You may be experiencing spiritual experiences which you can’t explain.

3.As if a ‘Moth to a flame’, you have always experienced spiritual happenings but now the desire to have a deeper connection with these is pulling at you.

4.Unhappiness or Depression that just won’t go away. There may be another type of soul calling that may be present if you find yourself unhappy no matter what you do. This may be the best time for you to call a spiritual healer.

5.You have been delving into your own spiritual practice and feel you want more out of it.

Tell me more about a Reiki energy session

Reiki may assist the body in relaxation and in natural healing processes. It can help to develop mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. As well, it may assist in inducing deeper relaxation, relieving emotional distress, help manage difficult experiences and improves overall wellbeing.

As Reiki energies begin to flow between the practitioner and the recipient, each person’s body may react with particular sensations. These sensations may feel like warmth, hot, cold or even sensations of a shiver a tingle. These sensations are almost always pleasant.

Please enquire with us to ask about further details about the energetic modalities she offers and Spiritual-Energetic Therapies in York Region and the GTA.