Why should I engage in Trauma focused Therapy?

Engaging in Trauma therapy may help a traumatized person to re-establish feelings of  safety. It can assist in identifying triggers.

Developing healthy coping skills is a significant goal in trauma therapy. This type of therapy can assist us in decreasing traumatic stress symptoms.

Trauma therapy can help process the trauma and integrate new circuits in the brain which respond with calm rather than in states of high alert (fight or flight).

Signs that you may need Trauma Therapy:

Sleep Difficulties
Numbness and Dissociation
Chronic Anxiety
Reliving the trauma
Feeling unsafe
Suicidal Thoughts

Things to Consider when choosing trauma therapy

Trauma informed care looks at the experiences which have threatened one’s sense of safety and well-being and works through the impact of these.

Often times, those who have experienced trauma may not think of themselves as being traumatized. They may not even be aware of the coping mechanisms which they have developed as consequence of what they have been through.

A Therapist who works with trauma understands that the mind and body functions in an altered way in a person who has ‘unhealed’ trauma.

People with unhealed trauma can be easily triggered by feeling in a state of high alert or by feeling shut down and unable to feel much at all.

A Therapist who provides trauma-informed care will use tools that promote healing at the same time as preventing further harm from hypo or hyper-arousal.

We deal with Trauma Therapy in York Region, the GTA and would be more than happy to assists you on your journey to the peaceful life you deserve!